Can I hope that Fedora 6 (or other distributions) can work with my Raid Controller M5289?
Why the driver for Fedora 3 don't work with last release?

This is the readme of the driver:
                            ULi RAID Linux Driver
                             For Fedora core 2/3-32/64bit
                           Version 1.00 [22/11/2004]

1.1 Foreword
    This procedure applies to ULi RAID 5281|5283|5289|5287 adapters.
1.2 Prepare a Driver Diskette

    You will use a diskette to load the new Linux driver onto your PC.

    1) Obtain a new, formatted diskette and label it "ULi RAID Driver Disk."
       Insert it into your PC's floppy drive.

    2) Extract the contents of the driver file you downloaded from the
       ULi website onto your floppy disk. Use either WinZIP in Windows or
       Unzip in Linux to extract the files.


2.1 To install the ULi RAID Linux Driver into an EXISTING SYSTEM:

  1.) Boot linux system and login as root.

  2.) Insert ULi RAID Driver Disk for install ULi RAID Driver by issuing
      commands :
		# mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
		# cd /mnt/floppy
                # sh install   (Answer Yes/No when inquire setup configuration)

	You can answer Yes to bind ULi RAID driver into linux booting.

                # cd ..
                # umount /dev/fd0
    NOTE: Due to the Linux kernel misidentifying the ULi RAID card, all IDE
    channels except onboard IDE are disabled. To enable the other IDE channels,
    remove the line "ide2=0 ide3=0 ide4=0 ide5=0 ide6=0 ide7=0 ide8=0 ide9=0"
    in /etc/lilo.conf.anaconda or /boot/grub/grub.conf.
  3.) Reboot Fedora system.

2.2 To install the ULi RAID Linux Driver into a NEW SYSTEM

  1.) Start the Fedora Installation with CD-ROM booting.

  2.) At the first installation screen, a prompt
      labeled "boot:" will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  3.) Please append parameters (see Note 1 below) at the "boot:" prompt,
      then press the Enter key.

  4.) At the "driver disks" dialog box, press "YES" .

  5.) Next ,if "Driver Disk Source " dialog box appears,select "fd0" and press "OK".
  6.) At the Insert Driver disk" dialog box,insert your raid driver disk into floppy drive and press "OK" to continue;

  7.) If the system shows "Error" dialog box, press "Manually choose" and scroll down at "Select Device Driver to Load"
		dialog box to select ULi 5281 Raid Controller (ALiRaid),then press "OK".	

  8.) Enable "Configure advanced boot loader options" box at Boot Loader
      Configuration menu, and type kernel parameters (see NOTE 2 below)
      in the General kernel parameters field.

  9.) Continue with the installation as normal.

  10.) If the installer occur warning message about "The partition table on device /dev/sd(x) 
	is of an unexpected type loop for your architecture....." or "the partition table on device sd(x) is unable to read
	...",just click "YES" bottom to continue the install.
  11.) Complete the installation as directed by the install.

WARNING(only for fc2-64bit): After the install begins,fresh install into hd on 5281 card may pause at certain package because of the fc2-64 system 's ext3's bug;
	you must  repeat the install several times to solve the problem.


   Linux Kernels 2.6.x misidentiy ULi ATA-RAID controllers as simple
IDE controllers. This results in the built-in Linux IDE driver trying to
handle the controller and can prevent the proper ULi RAID driver
from loading.
   Follow the installation instructions AND the parameter commands referred
to below section. This status we called "IDE issue".

   1.) "linux ide0=0x1f0,0x3f6,14 ide1=0x170,0x376,15 ide2=0 ide3=0 ide4=0
        ide5=0 ide6=0 ide7=0 ide8=0 ide9=0 dd "

   2.) "ide0=0x1f0,0x3f6,14 ide1=0x170,0x376,15 ide2=0 ide3=0 ide4=0 ide5=0
        ide6=0 ide7=0 ide8=0 ide9=0 noirqdebug" 
        ("noirqdebug" parameter is for fedora 2 only)

   1.) "linux dd"

   2.) "noirqdebug"
       ("noirqdebug" parameter is for fedora 2 only)