I have FC-5 and use KDE.

I reinstalled FC-5 and did it as root. I have a situation where my screen saver doesn't work after I "update". The screen saver, (in either environment), works good before I update. This time I used "--exclude=xscreensaver-extras" when I updated. When the update was done I looked at the GUI for yum, kyum and "xscreensver-extras" hadn't been used. My screen saver still worked too. When I looked at what was available for screen savers, there were just the bare bones screen savers that came with the install disk.

But when I went over to the other user my screen saver didn't work. I looked at the screen savers available and there were much more of them. Where did they all come from? There should have been the same ones there as when I was root. Right? Does anyone know why there was a difference or why my screen saver doesn't work?