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    FC 6 and Mozilla or Firefox

    I apologize if this topic is boring to many as it has been raised a number of times, but my problem has a twist to it, and I have not been able to find an answer. Here it is:
    I have a dual boot WinXP and Fedora FC6. I also have Knoppix on DVD.
    I also have a broadband connection via a ethernet network card.
    All works fine in WinXP.
    All works fine in both Linuxes when I use Konqueror.
    But nothing works when I use either Mozilla or Firefox. At times I can download one page, after a long delay, then nothing else gets downloaded.
    Any idea what might be the cause?
    Many thanks

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    Network Card


    I was going to say Network Card Driver, that maybe the Network Card you have Linux might not have a compatible driver for but if Konqueror works in both Linux then maybe not. I was thinking Hardware Driver because it is common to both Linux you are using.

    Check what XP and FC6 say your Network card is and if they are very different then maybe that might point you in a direction.

    On FC6 try installing epiphany and galeon which are other browsers based on Mozilla.

    If your using 64-bit FC6 then try running the 32-bit Firefox from /usr/lib/firefox- and see what that does....

    It could also have something to do with any plugins you have for Firefox so try removing these (as in back them up) from /usr/lib/firefox..../plugins and /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

    Back these up to another directory then remove them from these direcories and try and open say google, a nice simple site....

    Sorry, just going through what I would try if I had this issue......

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    Also, if you have the gnash plugin which is the flash alternative, get rid of it for now cause on some sites for me at ;east it was puching my CPU usage to 100% constantly while viewing the page, slowing my machine down no end....

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    FC 6 and Mozilla or Firefox

    Thank you jonpb for your replies and apologies for taking so long to answer. I re-installed FC6 to make sure the problem was not due to a bad installation, but with identical outcome. I then applied your advice and removed all plug-ins but to no avail. The problem persists. I have also found that by removing www from a url Firefox will download the page! albeit very, very slowly. Also, once a page is opened, clicking any link on that page works OK. But inserting a url in the address box with www or using the Google search box does not work. And even inserting www is too slow to be useful.
    Finally I found that yum install ¨anypackage does not work either, it times out.
    All of the above worked very well on Fedora FC4.
    I am very puzzled.
    Any clues?

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    DNS Issue

    Sounds to me like a DNS problem. I´m no expert nor have I expereinced this problem exactly. Like I said, just thinking what I would do in this situation.

    The www problem is what makes me think DNS.

    To check your DNS Settings in FC6 in Gnome go to System - Administration - Network. For me, my primary DNS is my ADSL Modem Router which is

    In the past I have had to set the Secomdary and / or Tertiary DNS to that of my ISP which I got by looking at my router and getting the IP addresses from there otr from my ISP. Currently though I haven;t had to do that.

    While your in Networking check your Hosts and make sure you have set for your Host name as well as localhost.localdomain and localhost.

    Also, make sure you disable any proxy servers or webservers like Squid or Apache and remove any Proxy setting from Firefox....

    Again, this is what I would be doing in with this issue.....

    Let me know how you go...

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    FC 6 and Mozilla or Firefox

    Sorry jonpb, no luck. I spent all day trying to get some resolution but the result is the same as before. I can access the internet with konqueror but not with firefox, and I cannot use yum because it times out trying to reach the repos. I assume the two problems are related.
    I tried galeon and epiphany but with the same results as firefox. I made sure the firewall and selinux are disabled, and I have no proxy, but nothing makes any difference. I re-built linux without IPV6 (as suggested in this forum) but it made no difference. I installed the compat-libstdc++ libraries and fixed /etc/yum.repos.d by removing the # before the urls, and rebuilt the rpm db but all makes no difference. I even installed the Sun java version instead of the default that comes with Fedora, but it made no difference.
    And finally the DNS details are identical for Windos and Linux, the NIC address is the same and the MAC address is the same (although Linux uses the default gateway adddress as the primary DNS address).
    I have run out of ideas. Why does konqueror work but not firefox or yum?
    Any suggestion will be most welcome,

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    Thats not a problem with your drivers/OS/net cards/DNS etc because your net works fine in konqueror. Check if you have disabled the cache in firefox (or if its disabled by default) Enable it and allocate a cache size of some 50-100 MB. Check if you are not using some proxy server in your mozilla/firefox connection settings. I think going through the firefox settings will find a solution.
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    FC 6 and Mozilla or Firefox

    I am inclined to agree with you apoorv_khurasia except that:
    I am directly connected to the internet (no proxy)
    I have 50mb cache

    The two puzzling aspects of this problem are:
    1) konqueror works perfectly
    2) firefox works (but very slowly) if I remove the www portion of the url, and will not connect to Google no matter what I put in the url box or the search box.

    The problem with yum may be related although I am aware that some mirrors are very slow and may cause the timeout. However when I place the mirror url in konqueror, it opens up immediately.
    Finally, I am using FC6 straight out of the box.
    I´ll welcome any further suggestions...

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    The answer is that it is a DNS problem after all, well done jonpb!
    By substituting my ISP DNS server address in /etc/resolve.conf all is now well. I can only assume that by default Firefox uses the router address, which clearly does not work. I also assume that konqueror uses its own DNS name server to resolve addresses, not the router´ s.
    And Yum, which now works as it´s supposed to, must also use the router´s address. like Firefox. But these are all assumptions on my part.
    Many thanks for you help.

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    Excellent Victor. Well Done.

    Glad I was of some help. We all learned something here.....

    Just as a side note, my resolve.conf has my router address..... Maybe it is something related to your ISP.....?

    Who knows......

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