Hello, iv'e installed FC6 with a dvd.after the download iv'e chacked the hashes and everything matched. iv'e also checked the media before install and it's ok.
my hardware:
p4 3.0, asus p4s800x, HD-Maxtor 120gb SATA.
i have edimax usb wireless card and Logitech "quickcam expess" connected to the USB during the installation. i have Windows xp installed(NTFS filesystem).
i have made avaliable for linux partitions 14 GB and during the install i checked the option of the default partitioning layout. the install went well without problems but when i reboot and choose to boot up FC6, during the probing\loading of the devices it got stuck. to be exact it was on the "powes managment" part.ive tryed to reboot and to do interactive startup i chose not to load the bluetooth and the rest of the things i do not need it got stuck somewhere in the middle just like the automatic boot.
i had linux before that worked and livecd's work perfectly on my PC.
thanks for the help in advance.