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    New Root Account

    How do i create a user ex. joe doe and give him rights similar to root. I want Joe doe to have all the rights as the root account. Whats the command?

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    'useradd' creates a new user. There are various ways in which you can add root privileges, add them to the 'root' group or the 'wheel' group is common. You could also rename the 'root' user in /etc/passwords...

    Why on earth would you want to do this? If you logged on as this user, you'd be either running in an unsafe X environment, or you'd have unlimited power to break stuff (completely by accident) at the command line.
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    i was doing that beacuse a doc i have for configuring samba say so but I added the linux root account to the sambapasswordfile but When i attempt to join my Xp to the samba domain: if i put root -username and the wrong password is says "incorrect username or password" but when i put root and the right password i get "username couldnot be found".

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