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    Fedora 5 installing kernel?

    I'm trying to install an IRIG card driver from Symmetricon on Fedora Core 5. However, it's very picky about what kernels it will compile for. We just got a version that is supposed to work with up to 2.6.16, but we currently have 2.6.15, and it is giving errors when the driver attempts to install.

    Solution? Well, we're going to try to get the kernel to 2.6.16.

    However, it seems the wheels of progress have rolled straight over that version, because I can hardly find it, and when I can the RPMs won't install (either directly or indirectly, it fails somehow every time). I think if I could just get yum to install it, it would work. But all it lists is 2.6.18, which we have tested and doesn't work with this driver.

    So, how do I install 2.6.16?

    (I'm still quite new to Linux.)

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    You should do a full yum update if you are going to have a kernel upgrade.
    Do yum -y update and let wheels turn. Afterward the update check your grub.conf file and see if you have a new kernel in there. Make sure it is the stanza it will boot from. Then exit the grub.conf and reboot.
    At the splash page you should see the new kernel that will boot.
    Good Luck,

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    Yes, but the problem is that I don't need the latest version of the kernel, which is what yum insists on installing. I need the specific version 2.6.16, because that's the only version that will work with the driver I have. Yum doesn't even list that as available, it wants to install 2.6.18, which is incompatible with the driver.

    Can anyone tell me how to install a specific version that isn't the latest?

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    try you'll find this kernel there.

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    I found the version, but not there: listed the packages, but did not have them available.

    I've installed it (had to use yum, clicking on the package gave a false-success install on the kernel) and it runs the driver fine.

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