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    Get into KDE after Fedore 6 Setup


    I've installed the Fedora 6 Core DVD. The Installtion guide continues with setuping up KDE after the reboot but I get the black screen with login and password, I donnot know how to operate the commandline. Could anyone please tell me how to get on with configuring KDE or tell me what I did wrong during installation?

    I'm really lost here, some help would be appreciated!

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    It asks for root and password, Which I fill in after which I'm stuck with the commandline. startkde doesn't work and I have checked the kde desktop environment during install so it should be there...

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    startx should do it.
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    both startx and startkde just bring me back to commandline... I have reinstalled Fedora 5 times now.... I don't get it. I've seen it install KDE so it's on it.

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    Instead of going on to chapter 8 of the Fedora core guide @

    I get the command line with Localhost login:

    Could anybody please please please tell me what I did wrong during installation??!! I followed the guide... I'm using the DVD so I don't need to use mirrors or ftp to install do I???

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    No. You do not need mirrors or FTP to install.

    Is there an option to setup your machine as a workstation from the menu (quick select)? Please keep in mind I have not installed FC6, I mainly use RHE3-4 from commandline and have not installed FC since version 1 and even then it was commandline. I know that I have installed it on workstations before and it just worked if I ticked KDE. I normally ticked X and KDE just for shits and giggles in case I wanted to use one over the other.

    Have you tried at all to tick ALL of them to see if ANY of them work at all on your system?
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    After you login, if you type the command init 5, what does-it do?

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    I'm reinstalling and typing out everything I did, will post my log in 30 mins.

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    Here's the log I made:
    This is what I do:
    I put in the Fedora Core 6 DVD
    I reboot my pc
    at the first screen I push ENTER: To install or upgrade in graphical mode

    I skip the cd cd test because I've already tested it the first installation
    Now I get a welcome message: Welcome to fedora Core! where I press the OK button
    I choose english as a language and press OK again
    I choose US for keyboard language and press OK again
    Now I choose to Reinstall the System and Press OK
    @ partitioning type I choose to remove all partitions on my HD and create default layout.

    Now I'm at Network Configuration for eth0
    I leave all 4 options selected:
    *Use DHCP
    *Enable IPv4 support
    *Enable IPv6 Support
    *Activate on Boot

    and press OK

    @ Hostname config I choose automatically via DHCP
    Now I choose my timezone and press OK
    Now I pick a root password and press OK

    @ Package selection I choose all 3 packages:
    *Office and productivity
    *Software Development
    *Web Server
    select Customize software selection and press OK

    @Package group selection I make sure KDE, Gnome and X Window System are selected and press OK

    Dependency check starts and passes
    Installation to begin: it tells me there will be a log file I press OK
    Now my file system is being formatted
    Now the package installation is started and is done after awhile
    I get a message to install is completed and I have to remove any media used during install progress
    I press ENTER to reboot my system
    after reboot I get the Setup Agent where I can modify:
    Authentication, Firewall Configuration, timezone, System Services, Keyboard, Network
    I don't change anything because the settings are correct and not much to choose from
    After this I get the commandline, fill in root and password and am stuck with something
    I don't understand
    every boot I make gets me back in the same commandline

    the command init 5 gets me the message that it has failed to start the X Server (graphical Interface)
    and that it's likely it's not set up correctly. It ask me if i'd like to configure it which
    brings me to the same msg it's failed to start again.

    I installed it on a P4 with a Celeron processor (2,53 GHZ) and 1024 mb Ram

    What I'd like to do from here is to get acces to my KDE OS.

    There's a little boot menu at startup when you press ENTER quickly and it only shows Fedora Core 6 installed, no more menus...

    Mandrake Linux 10.0 installed without any problems and booted right into KDE so I'm kinda lost here...

    Hope this makes any sense to someone!

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    log in as root and execute 'sytem-config-display' and configure display settings. execute 'startx' check GUI.
    for GRUB Menu, open /boot/grub/grub.conf file
    nano /boot/grub/grub.conf
    look for 'hiddenmenu' line and put '#' sign before it. save file.

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