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Thread: services on fc4

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    services on fc4

    I've installed FC4 on my computer, can anybody tell me
    a) How do I tell it via command line (i.e.remotely - not via system-config-services) that I want a certain service e.g. vsftpd to start automatically at start up? It doesn't seem to have the "service" command, did this get added in FC5 or 6?

    EDIT: i found the answer to the above, can anyone answer the below question though?


    b) Is it worth upgrading to FC6 - what are the main differences?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Have you tried to run /sbin/service?

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    yes, that does work actually, cheers - I wonder why I have to type the full path for things that are in /sbin ?
    Anyway of "adding it to the path"?

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    Are you doing a 'su root' from a normal user. If so, bash does not run its startup scripts after root logs in. To run root's startup scripts, do 'su - root' and you shud have /sbin in your path then.

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