m trying to create a .rpm from several files on my PC and Im having an issue carrying the ownerships of the files over to the package. Heres the situation:

Say I have three files
file1 = owned by root:root
file2 = owned by joe:joe
file3 = owned by rick:rick

I have a spec file that includes the three files and Im creating the package via

rpmbuild -ba build_root/file.spec

This is being built with 2.6 kernel

Im aware of the %attr option, but I was hoping for something a little more straight forward. The problem I have with this is my actual spec file contains ~1200 files and Im not sure of the attributes on all of them.

When I extract the files on a new box, the files are all owned by root. I am building the package as root, so I would have assumed it would have kept the permissions of the lower users.
How would I go about retaining the ownerships of the three (well in my real case, much more than three) files?