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Thread: Adding Users

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    Adding Users

    Hello again Linux Pros and enthusiests alike

    This is a question with a simple answer I'm sure - what are the commands to add a user on RedHat Enterprise through the command line? I just turned on the FTP service on a new RH server and I would like to add some users.

    Thanks a mil.

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    You will find the answer in this thread :
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    Quote Originally Posted by antidrugue
    You will find the answer in this thread :

    Well what you said is correct but you don't have to do all the stuff you stated in your previous post.

    To create a user all you need to do is:

    useradd <username>

    Granted it does not show any comment like the persons real name so:

    useradd -c'Mike Ski' skiboy

    The useradd does create a directory by default (in Redhat and Fedora) with the correct permissions. And the above command will show "Mike Ski" as a comment in the password file and you default "home" directory is /home/skiboy, and you r shell by default is "bash"
    Now if you don't like "bash" as a shell you can do a antidrugue said in his post when you create the use and include " -s /bin/ksh" which would give you KORN shell.

    Now different Distros may need all the stuff antidrugue posted and doing it his way is correct I just prefer to type less.

    One thing to remember is once the user account is created you need to make a password for the account.

    passwd skiboy

    Then follow the directions.

    Of course you need to be root to do all the above.
    Good Luck,

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    And for more slick tweaks, read the man page

    $ man adduser

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