I have small network (fedora 6 - Solaris10 - Win Xp).
I use samba to share directory. This is from smb.conf:
[Fedora shared dir]
case sensitive = no
strict locking = no
guest ok = yes
msdfs proxy = no
read only = no
path = /fedora
I can see dir from another comp an dir it self(from Solaris), but when I try to open dir (Fedora shared dir) I got a mess. that does not exist.
Same thing is on fedora comp. Directory is under root. When I go in Konqueror, clik on Remote places, than samba shares, workgroup, fedora comp(samba shares) i can see dir but when i clik on it same message. It is strange to get that message on host computer.
Does anybody have idea what is wrong with this.