We recently had a new Windows 2003 terminal server put in where I work. I am running Fedora core 5 and was using rdesktop. It worked great when we were using the old 2000 server, but since going to the new server I have had issues with images in one of the programs we need to use. All the images just up and disappeared. Everything else worked fine. I dropped using rdesktop and set up KRDC which worked better for a longer period of time, but then after a few hours of usage ended up doing the exact same thing. The server is running in 16 bit color and I have set the krdc and rdesktop to both use 16 bit color. Anyone have an idea that might correct this? Incase we have anyone that works in a dealership here, The program I have been using that has been casuing me issues is Microcat. A parts catalogue for a general motors dealership. Any ideas would be appreciated