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    Cloning Hard Disk..HELP URGENT!!

    hi there....i'm very new to linux.

    here is my situation...i have an old server running on redhat 7.2 20Gb. i intended to clone the existing h/d to the new one (40Gb) using g4u. my questions are:

    1) can i just plug in the new h/d so that my old server has two h/d. then i will use the g4u to clone the old h/d locally.
    2) do i have to make a partition on the new h/d. if yes, how?
    3)if i succeeded cloning the old h/d into the new one, is the OS will detect my new hardware.(especially my motherboard & graphic card).

    thanx in advance

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    try this script.
    We did it on Centos, but after you make clone you can not boot comp with both disks together.


    newdir=`date --iso-8601`

    echo "Starting to Sync Disk A to Disk B"
    echo "Everything on Disk B will be deleted!"
    echo -n "Are you sure (y/n) ?"
    read result

    if [ "$result" = "y" ]; then
    echo "Staring sync"
    echo "Staring sync" > $sync_log
    date >> $sync_log
    echo "---------------------------" >> $sync_log
    dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb >> $sync_log 2>> $sync_log

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    thanx for the help. fortunately, i manage to clone my h/d using g4u and its works fine.the only things i need to do now is to install my new graphic card driver ( which i didnt know how to start. i noob! )

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