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    Question FC6 help..cant boot from the dvd..

    Hiya evbdy..

    I am very new to the FC 6..really wanted to check it out and not able to reach anywhere..

    here r the details :

    I have a lenovo 3000 N100 0689-3MA laptop. It has an intel solo 1.66 processor and 256 mb RAM currently running on win xp home.

    first i downloaded fedora zod i-86 version from torrent. It was the iso file for dvd of 3,28 gb..the download was fine and got two files..first the iso image and another one sh1sum..

    I burned this image on a dvd..i wanted to keep xp so using partition magic 8..i created a linux ext2 partition of 15 gig and a linux swap partition of 500 hard-dsik was 60 megs so kept another 15 gigs for win xp and remaining in a FAT32 parition coz i read somewhere that both fedora and win xp will be able to recognize it...

    next step was booting from this dvd that i burnt...changed the boot sequence in bios for the first boot device..other bootable dvds and cds are just booting fine...but this burnt dvd does nt boot at all...

    my questions are :

    Is this image from a bootable one??

    am i missing some tricks here???

    wat shud i do now to install this??

    a few other questions :

    I have a lenovo 3000 N100 0689-3MA laptop. It has an intel solo 1.66 processor and 256 mb RAM and 60 gig sata hard-drive. Will this be compatible with the Fedora-ZOD??
    What about the drivers for wireless and sound card as i was not able to locate any on lenovo websites??
    my sound card is frm soundmax integrated high definition...even microsoft doesnt provide the drivers..they have a sorta testing version of drivers acc to to KB888111 on thier support that going to be hassle??

    please guide me as i really wanna check fedora..cant tolerate the windows crap...

    Thanks to million to all...

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    The dvd should be bootable.
    It looks like you did everything right so maybe there was an error burning the dvd or downloading the file.

    But, just to make sure:

    The place to download from

    These should be the images to download if you intend to install on the harddrive:
    if you have a 64 bit processor and you want a 64 system (not worth the hassle right now in my opinion)

    Then burn as an image and after you're done burning you should be able to see some files on the dvd not just one large iso file (don't be offended in case you know this I'm just making sure you're taking the right steps).

    After you download you should check it was done properly by using the sh1sum file.

    This should explain it :
    Linux usually has problems with supporting newer hardware. For older hardware it might even have better support than windows. You should just install it, see what works and what doesn't and then ask for help in the forum.
    Good luck

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    Thumbs up thanks dude!!

    hey thanks a lot for such a quick rply..

    am kinda lost regarding tht sh1sum to check it in xp..

    and if it is all right then wat do u suggest as an alternative to get fedora and also if it is bad shud i download it again..

    btw i used the same link tht u gave for the zod-dvd-i386 file...

    hey thnks...

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    To check the file download this:
    an follow the instructions in the text file to check the DVD image.

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    Thumbs up thanks alot...

    hey thanks alot...

    the issue was wth the iso burnt it again and evthng is up n running now...

    only 1 issue though...could not sort da wifi...have a broadcom 3945ABG setup...workin on ndiswrapper..still tryin to understand it..

    if u any thread for instructions to setup ndiswrapper that wud b great...

    thanks bro...

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    If you have an Intel 3945ABG wireless on the laptop you don't need ndiswrapper
    There are some drivers for it from Intel.
    Look at these instructions:

    For installing the freshrpms repository:

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