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    File transfer between linux and windows and wireless internet problems

    I was hoping someone can help point me in the right direction as regards solving problems Iím having with my Linux machine.Iím running Linux Fedora core 6 and Windows XP on the same system. Now the problems I have is this

    1.I have files on my Windows that I need to use when I boot into my Linux OS but I canít access. I am assuming that this is because of the difference in file systems used by the different OSs.I am aware thereís a tool called Samba thatís supposed to help with this but all the articles Iíve found on it seem to be written for hardcore developers. I doubt if the writers consider the fact that some amateurs like me might have the same problems too.

    2.The second problem is my wireless internet access. I connect to the internet wirelessly at home using a USB adapter which connects me to a wireless G+ MIMO router both from Belkin. Ordinarily, when I hook up to the internet using my LAN cable, I can use the internet on the Linux OS. The problem is when I try to use the wireless connection. I have tried looking for Linux drivers but I havenít been able to find much on the net. Is there a way around things like this?

    Can anyone help please.

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    Try looking at NDISwrapper for your wireless
    And you probably need -kmod-ntfs to view files on your windows partition.
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    If they are both on the same system, I don't think you should bother with samba (or samba oelek). Since you probably partitionned your hard drive, for Windows and Linux, you can physically access your windows files from Linux. The other way is not possible.

    You have to find out which partition Windows is on : normally /dev/hdd?. Once you have that figured out, as root, you can create a mount point for that windows partition in Linux.

    su -
    mkdir /windows
    for my system

    mount /dev/hdd? /windows
    You can now access your windows files in Linux. I would still discourage you to try to run any executable (.exe) from this directory.

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