I need help for my installation of Redhat Fedora Core 6.1 DVD installation disk and LSI LOGIC drivers on a floppy disk. I have downloaded Redhat Enterprise 4 drivers from LSI Logic homepage and when I try to install them (linux dd) I get "Driver disk is invalid for this version of Fedora Core"?

How can I correct this?

The hardware is Asus RS100-E4/PI2 with integrated LSI LOGIC RAID (sata) controller. I have also tried the drivers availble at Asus download site with no luck. I have 2 SATAII harddrives configured as RAID-1 drive.

The floppydisk and drive are both 100% working. It is a USB external floppy disk drive. I have used a .img file to create the floppy in a Windows XP environment.

Please help.