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    Cron file and FTP


    I am running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4 and I need help setting up a cron file. I have a file that is about 150GB in size. I need to put the file on anouther server (MacOS 10.4. via FTP. Is there any way to mount the FTP directory (on startup preferably) so in the cron file I can reference the location as something like "/mnt/server/"?

    Also, should I be using FTP? Does anyone know how to mount the apple partition using afp?

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    You may want to check into mount.cifs, this will allow you to have it mount on boot up since you can have it in the /etc/fstab file.
    Also you log in to the server via a user login.

    Another way is automount or the file /etc/auto.master and auto.misc never did a Apple box but I guess it could be done. YOu set this up so that once you cd to a specific directory it mounts to the other server in your case the Apple. It will unnmount once you leave the directory and60 seconds pass.

    You can do manpages on both of the commands above for more info.
    Good Luck,

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