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    Quote Originally Posted by WizRd
    Approximately 5000 emails and my log file in 10 Mb

    maillog.1 also if your anywhere near Australia's timezone, will only go as far back as 4th Feb, so you may need to go backto maillog.2

    Also if you cat maillog.2 | grep size and it returns no output this means you MTA isn't reporting sizes and you can only guess at how large the emails are...

    I take it you have a linux box that has generated a mountain of traffic and now your ISP or boss is angry???
    he said he found out a huge traffic spike @ Saturday february 03 2007 and he wants me to check whats going on, and he said it might be spam mails, but he just want a report from me about the incident .. =( and now i don't know where would i check that thing

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    If the mail server is correctly configured, no one from outside of your organisation should be able to use your mail server for spamming purposes... however this doesn't stop someone from inside (they are trusted relays).

    the only suggestion would be to use the command "more maillog.2" and start pressing space bar....

    You could install awstats on the box to parse the logs for you to show you roughly where emails have come from and where they are going...

    Other than that tracking down where a huge chunk of data went is almost impossible as I mentioned before without already having IP accounting in place.

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