Hello Forum. I am glad I googled this one , as I am looking for a good community of fedora users.

I have Fedora Core perfectly tweaked and balanced on my dual core X2 AMD processor with a Geforce 6800 Ultra and it rocks.

My problem here is with the automatic installer :
It seems that while I installed everything from scratch (Loss of hard - disk) all the packages automatically came from Fedora's DVD which I pre-downloaded.
Yet, when I started my Fedora and it sensed that I have a live Internet connection , it re-routed the installations to be taken from the internet, instead of from the DVD , and thus even if I want to install a package which arrives with the original FC6 DVD, it immediately starts downloading it from the internet, which is , of course, totally unnecessary. Is there a way to re-route the installer to ask me to insert the DVD , just as was in previous versions of Fedora ?

Thank you all.