I installed a RHEL 4 , i installed all the package, i checked it regularly for about a week and everything was fine, a few weeks later i got back to it only to discover that the server is down, i restarted it and after post and initial boot (mount file system and stuff) there comes these barage of segmentation faults, its as if, every executable and library is currupt, as a result, almost all the services failed. my first suspect is the disk. i boot to rescue mode and ran smartctl self test on the disk devices, they all passed, but i noticed something, all the lvm comands i ran on the system succeeds but i get several lines of open file descriptor errors.
next i shifted to memory, i doenloaded memtest and ran that too, i ended the test afte passing 18 standard tests.
my next suspect is the file system, here i am a bit carefull, i have tried solving a filesystem problem on lineux a long time ago and ended up loosing everything on that disk. apart from the /boot and swap partitions, all others are in LVM with ext3 filesystem.
what i want to find out is if i can safely run fschk on LVM and how, if not, how can i test if the filesystem is currupt and how do i repair it. if its not filesystem curruption, what else can be the problem? what does the open file descriptor message mean and how can programs and libraries that were working initialy start throwing up segmentation faults? i never reinstalled or upgraded the OS, what could have happed to the files? please help