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    Talking newbie

    hi everyone im a newbie yup anyway i succeeded to install fedora core 6 in a second HD the problem is it boots with Xp how do i configure the boot loader
    thanks for the help.
    another question when i boot with fedora it doesn't recognize my cd-rom

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    Boot loader: take a look at lilo or grub. You may also use GAG.

    CD-ROM: do you see your cd-rom in the output of "dmesg"?

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    man ur talkin' chinese right now
    i saw the GRUB thing somewhere other than that i don't understand what ur saying
    anyway don't waste ur time im a newbie thanks a lot dude

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    We were all newbies

    Grub and Lilo are boot loaders. I've found a quick how-to for you to begin with Grub:

    Some people will use GAG (another boot loader) because you don't need to install anything on your MBR, you can install in on a floppy disk.

    About your CD-ROM drive, type in the command line : "dmesg | less". This will output a lot of information about your hardware configuration. the "| less" part is to allow you to scroll with the arrow keys. Read that (that might also look like chineese) and try to find your CD-ROM in there.

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    allright i appreciate ur help i'll try these things see ya

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