I'm back and I have given up on Mepis because it has to many problems as 64 bit unit. So, I tried installing Fedora Core 6, and three times I was not able to get the grub to load in the dev/a drive. So, I took out my A drive and only loaded my B drive, which is to be the install drive for this interface from Linux. The installation went alright, but it draws up a screen that says - Horizontal and Vertical - Out of Range. The Horizontal is set for 90.0 and the vertical is set for 60.0. Since I am unable to boot in to Windows XP to change the resolution, (Don't know what it's to set at anyway), I cannot solve this problem. I'm a newbie, and I'm about ready to give up and go to Vista because this operating system has to many problems for newbies.

The second tiime I installed with duel boot options, it said there was a bug more than likely, so I was asked to save it the floopy, which I did. Since I reinstalled I don't imagine this bug matters now. I have two needs: (1) How do I get the horizontal and vertical in the proper range? Also, (2) once I get this interface to boot up to see what it's like on the hard drive, how do I get duel boot grub working so as to use windows XP? I'll check on your answers in the morning!