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    help with shell_exec

    hello , i got checkbox name="pack50" , i did function in .php :

    if(shell_exec("sed -i s/pack50=yes/pack50=no/ sc_serv.conf"))
    echo " Command Executed ! ";
    echo " Command Failed ";

    "sed -i s/pack50=yes/pack50=no/ sc_serv.conf" working in the shell but it doesnt working on this function.

    if i put "ls" or "dir" or "nano" it will work on the function.

    i need to do this : sed -i s/pack50=yes/pack50=no/ sc_serv.conf
    explane : in the sc_serv.conf i need the word "pack50=yes" will change to "pack50=no".

    any ides how to do that in this function ??
    *i tried "system()" function too , not working.

    please help me

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    nvm the problem is sold , thx

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