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    redirecting stdin/out?

    Probably a very simple answer, but I would like redirect all my input, output, and output error to one file; I guess like recording a terminal session. I know to use ">", "<", and "&>, but don't know how to use them in concert (or if this is the best way to do it). I'm tapping my limited knowledge out of cookbooks and searches, so please be specific.

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    I should also say that I'd rather copy in real-time the stdi/o/e than to redirect it. I would still like to see the stdi/o on the screen.

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    Not really sure of what you want.
    If this is setup for ALL Terminal sessions you will not see any out put any commands you do!?
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    Capture Input/Output/Error

    Maybe what you need is the 'script' command. This will log everything you type at the command line and save it to a file 'typescript'.

    This will log or capture everything you type as well as all output (stdout and stderr) from every command into a file 'typescript'. Looking at your history will show you every command that you have typed, but it won't let you see all of the responses to all of the commands.

    Just use 'cntrl-d' or 'exit' to get out of the script session.
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    awesome, that's 100% what I was looking for. thx again.

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