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    Two questions .. Hope that experts help!

    I have two questions, i think that one is easy, and the other is bit tough..

    1. Can I see Linux data from inside Windows?? I heard that it's possible using Samba server, but couldn't make it, can someone describe how to?

    2. I want a script, program, or whatever that can be used to convert from csh scripts to bash scripts (mainly to be used to convert configuration files such as .cshrc to .bashrc etc.)


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    First question one I can answer if it's files stored on your linux partition that you want to
    access from within windows then yes use EXT2IFS from here
    just download, install, and answer a few simple questions.

    However I have not seen using samba to access linux data partitions I've only used
    samba for my home network to access windows systems in other area's of the house.

    Sorry I can't answer your second question I have no clue about that part.

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    Yes you can use samba server to access data on linux partitions over the network. It will look like an ordinary windows share
    First make sure you have the samba server installed. From add remove software it should be called windows file server under the server section. You should also install the graphical tools to handle the configuration.
    The main file is /etc/samba.conf
    Its actually quite easy to setup a simple share. It was the first thing I learned to do when I setup my first linux machine. I have since forgotten how to do it because I only use the graphical tool these days and its very easy to use. You should have no problems. Just make sure you set up the samba users and their permissions correctly

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