Help -- What a good way to start,

Hello as you cans see, i'm new to the forms,
and indeed im a novice at Linux,

So can anyone please help me getting my Card to run smothly, i dont enen think it can handdle any thing that would use a linux type of OpenGL. Hell any time i try run Beryl-Manager or the ATI Display Settings in the Systems tools menu i get kicked back to the login screen

it would apper to me that my current ATI Graphic Card (X1900XT) is not supported on the current release of X. I did a bunch of searching and found a wiki for a nother linux os, (i think it was Gentoo) which listed all the avalable cards and what the needed to run, along side my Card was listed X11R7.1 ,and an older Driver i think.

the proble i am faced with is that i am not even sure how to install source files, and the repositarty thing i found called "git" through out errors in hte script at me.