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    Dear friends, I am an Ubuntu user and to try red hat, I have installed Red Hat enterprise linux. But as soon as I started it, I did notice that I could not play any of my sound files. OK installing realplayer enabled me playing only mp3's. But I can't install the codecs for wma,mov etc. While I type in the terminal
    it gives there is no such command. But I remember I successfully used that command in Ubuntu and in mepis. Kindly tell me what to do at this time. Moreover, as a mathematician I have to use LaTeX, which I can't find here, nor can I see any option to install it.

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    apt-get is the package manager for Debian based distributions like Ubuntu. You will not find it installed on Redhat by default. Redhat is an rpm based distribution whereas Ubuntu and other Debian versions are based on deb. That's not to say you can't install it yourself. If it is what you are most comfortable with then by all means, you can have it up and running on Redhat. I haven't used Redhat in some time but their package manager used to be up2date. I use Fedora Core now and they have yum but I'm not sure what the current version of RH uses. Maybe someone who uses Redhat on a daily basis can advise you.

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