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    Upgrading a FC4 Installation and moving a RAID

    I have a small FC4 fileserver that has been happily running for about 2 years now. It started out life as a simple samba server that shared Pro/Engineer executables and CAD models to 3 engineers, but it has proved to be so reliable that I have gained 7 more users storing their important data and the server has taken on some new tasks (running ActiveCollab, acting as a print server and cups-pdf server, replicating files, etc.). Because of this and the fact that I'm running out of hard drive space, I have decided I need to upgrade my server.

    I'm going to start my upgrade by moving from our current software based RAID using IDE drives to a hardware based RAID using larger SATA drives. After that I would like to upgrade the current FC4 installation to either FC5 or FC6. With that in mind, I have two questions to ask the FC community:

    1) Does anyone have experience from moving a working installation from one RAID to another. If so, I would really appreciate any info or pointers you could give me.

    2) Does anyone have experience upgrading from FC4 to FC5/6 using yum? I have read a few articles online about how to do it, but I just want to speak to some people who have actually done it.

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    It all depends how far back you are willing to go with the raid conversion and more to the point how much stuffing around you want to do...

    Installation of a new raid controller + a few new drives is easy, install them physically, create the partition(s), format partition(s), copy the data onto the new partition(s), modify the samba configuration to point to the new location of the data...

    As for updating using yum... best of luck I don't have any experience in doing this, i normally just ensure all packages are up to date.

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    Thanks for the info about RAID.

    I think I have decided to do a test upgrade of my system in VMWare first. I have a copy of VMWare server installed on my fileserver so I am in the process of copying all the data (minus user data) into a virtual drive using Knoppix.

    Basically, I copied all the relavent system data to a backup directory, then created a new Linux virtual machine and booted from the Knoppix disk. Once in Knoppix I created some partitions to mimic what is on our fileserver and copied all of the data via scp to the newly create virtual drive. Hopefully after a quick fstab tweak and grub update I will be able to boot my fileserver inside of VMWare and run an upgrade from FC4 to FC6 to see how things go.

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