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Thread: super noob

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    super noob

    hi community,

    i just switched to redhat ver 9 from win xp just this morning, this is my FIRST time to use linux and i was wondering why none of my hardware works.. video is stuck at the very basic, audio was not found, my web cam is not detected etc. etc

    where do i get drivers? someone pls help me out bec i am in no way a power user.

    thanks to all, i am still learning



    centrino core duo T2050 1.6ghz
    compal hgl3x mobo
    mobile intel 945gm chipset
    NEO endura 531nl laptop
    intel GMA 950
    realtek hd audio

    *if more info is needed pls advise

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    Hardware support in Linux can be a bit patchy, especially if you use the latest hardware. Hardware thta is supported is often very well supported though.

    Looks like you are using a laptop so changin hardware isn't an option, it may be worth trying a few other distro's to see if they support your hardware out of the box (easier than fiddling too much).
    The way I always do it is to try a Knoppix LiveCD, it has IMHO the best hardware support, if it recognises and correctly configures your hardware then it is definitely Linux supported and you could either install Knoppix to the hard drive or use another distro.

    you do get the power of apt with knoppix which is definitely a plus.

    I'll try find time to look up info on your hardware to see if it is supported at all

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    thanks shiftyben, i'll look into other distros.. i was really hoping to use linux right out of the gate though bec now i hate windows

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    RH9 is a very old distro, that's probably why it doesn't support your newer hardware out of the box. Try Fedora 5 or 6, SUSE 10.1, etc

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