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    How to take printout of linux file from windows xp using putty?


    I have installed Putty in my windows xp pc. I am connecting the RHEL AS 3 server using putty from my windows xp. My printer is connected to my windows xp.
    Now, i want to print text.txt of RHEL AS 3.0 in my windows xp printer through putty.

    For Example:
    my pc ip is
    our RHEL AS 3 is
    my printer is SAMSUNG - ML-1520

    what i have to configure and how can i take a printout of the files from linux?


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    The easiest way (i would think) to do this is to share the printer from the XP machine like you would any printer (right click, sharing share as...)

    Then on the Red Hat machine, probably use the CUPS web interface (this can be done from the XP machine if CUPS is configured to do so) to add a samba shared printer. Then simply print to the samba shared printer.. job done (hopefuly)
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    Putty is just a remote connection to your linux box. For you to be able to take a printout of a file on your linux box you should be somehow able to send this file to the printer. If your printer is on the same network as your linux box then pass the ip of the printer to linux using the lp utility.

    If that is not possible then you can download this file from linux box to your windows machine and take a print from the latter. An easy way to do so will be by using ftp.
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    What i did is....

    From the above link i configured putty.

    After that

    i tried this command from putty.

    $ lpr -P SamsungML1520 test.txt

    i get the following error....

    lpr: unable to print file: server-error-service-unavailable

    what might be the reason?

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    That thing, as I mentioned before, is only going to work if your printer is on the network (and has the name SAMSUNGML1520 on the network too). For example in our lab we have an hp printer which is on the network with an IP address of and a name (mclprinter, you are free to give it any name). So on linux (using direct login or remote login (ex.putty, ssh)) we can issue this command
    lpr -P mclprinter file.txt
    You will have to put this printer on the network first if you want to be able to do this. Start by checking if your printer has a network card (or support).
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