i've been trying to install firewalk 5.0 on a feroda core 6 box. i've installed libnet 1.1.2, libpcap 0.9.5, libdnet1.11 successfully (at least i think, i ran ./configure, make, make install; that's all i need to do, right?)

then i try to install firewalk. i ./configure then when i try to make, i get an error saying there's a problem with firewalk.c and can't complete make
i'll try to put up exactly what it says

i installed a couple of versions of firewalk and libnet as well, which might be a problem. if my box has no internet connection, how do i uninstall them? whenever i use add/remove software i get "can't get system configuration".

i also tried to update the gcc for C/C++, but the rpm package wouldn't do it (maybe because it has no internet connection?) is there another way to do this?

sorry, i'm new to linux.