I had a software raid 5 array that I setup under FC5 mdadm and webmin. This array would mount automatically upon startup under any user. My os install became unbootable when I made a few mistakes with beryl and nvidia drivers after upgrading to FC6. So I did a clean install of FC6. I am still able to mount this array with mount /dev/md0 /PhotoServer under root and I have it automounting via a statup session with the root account. However this array is not mountable by a normal user. How do I make this array mountable by a user other than root?

Also on a related note, if I were to have one of my drives fail and replaced it with a new one how would I have the array rebuild its self? For some reason webmin does not want to work so I do not have a gui way of monitioring mdadm and my raid devices. And I am just beginning to dabble in linux.

Thanks for the help,