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Thread: ssh session

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    ssh session

    can anybody provide me the package used for monitoring ssh sessions from Red hat linux server . I am new buddy in ssh. installed ssh and users are connected to ssh and i want to know how to disconnect ssh sessions. I was readinf the following link where it was mentioned ti use gtk2-askpass package. I searched on internet but could locate it.

    sort out this prob.

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    To logout of ssh :exit
    (or) control +d

    even i do use this in my office i do the same thing ,don't whether this will solve
    ur problem or not.

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    You could always type
    ps -Lf -u user
    to view all processes a person is running

    If you look at the TTY column for a process, you should see something like "pts/5", that tells you the terminal associated with that process. Elsewhere in the list you should see the PID for that terminal, it will look something like:
    500      31356 31352 31356  0    1 Feb23 ?        00:00:24 sshd: user@pts/5
    If you kill that process (in this case, #31356), it will shut down everything the user is running in that terminal and kick them out of ssh.

    I don't know of a utility that will do this all for you, but one probably exists somewhere

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