I'm having what I believe to be a problem with my desktops.

I'm running Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 for the Playstation 3. It came with the E17 desktop.

I'll say this - I have very little Linux experience. I messed around with Redhat 8 briefly while I was in high school. I've been in the military for three years now and haven't used Linux in four years. After my friend installed Yellow Dog on my PS3, set it up for my HDTV, etc. I was ready to roll. A lot of what I remember came back to me and I found the operating system very easy to use. This was no doubt due to the fact Enlightenment is very user-friendly.

But I'm experiencing a problem, or what I believe to be a problem. Enlightment has four desktops you can use simutaneously on the same monitor. 0,0 0,1 0,2 and 0,3. The last three all work fine, but 0,0 somehow has my username's home folder maximized over it with no way to close it. That's the best way to describe what is happening. I first discovered this by trying to change the background for 0,0 and noticed that it didn't change to the background I selected. The truth is that it DID change, but somehow the desktop is under the home folder! I can change the background to the home folder just like a normal desktop, but it's not a normal desktop!

Nothing happens when I left click - I have to use the shelf and press the blue yellow dog button in order to access to me what seems to be the equivilent to the "Start" menu on windows. On the other "normal" desktops I'm able to access the same "start" menu by left clicking anywhere on the desktop!

What is going on here? Is this normal, or is it a bug? I noticed this when I was downloading things to the desktop I would not be able to see them on 0,0 because they were on the DESKTOP which is below the username's home folder. But that username's home folder has the computer icon, etc.

I'm so confused, any help would be appreciated!


- Jack Wilson, Senior Airman, USAF