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    Getting a program to run permanently on a server

    I am installing a java voice chat program on my remote web server, which runs Redhat Linux. The server part of the program, which listens at a port and handles incoming and outgoing voice, is activated by typing "java directory.subdirectory,prgramname" on the command line. It works fine, but it stops working as soon as I log off from the system. What command(s) could I use to make this (or any other program) run permanently, even after I log off. I want people to be able to use the voice chat 24/7 whether I am logged in or not. Also, how would I turn it off, once it is on? It would be convenient to be able to do both from the command line. Unfortunately, the program is an old open source project that has no documentation.

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    man nohup
    man setsid

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    Thanks, nikunjb. Nohup worked.

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