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Thread: Error Msg

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    Error Msg

    I get this error msg when trying to install gcc-3.4.0-1:

    file /usr/share/man/fr/man1/gcc.1.gz from install of gcc-3.4.0-1 conflicts with file from package man-pages-fr-0.9.7-5

    Can anyone help me with that?

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    Hello Lunatic ye old ..... lunatic

    That question is actually quite easy...
    you have a package called man-pages installed I think
    (which would contain a lot of man pages for a lot of things)
    and the gcc-install you are trying to make wants to install a man-page
    for gcc too, /usr/share/man/fr/man1/gcc.1.g, and they will well...conflict.

    This is not a serious error, since it only involves man pages...
    what you can do is uninstall man-pages, install gcc,
    and then try to install man-pages again
    (I do not know exactly how rpm-dependencies work)

    or, simply back up the file in question to another directory,
    install gcc, and the then check which version of the file is the newest,
    and keep that one...

    good luck


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    I tried backing up that file and even the entire folder,
    but the when I install the rpm it still thinks it's there for some reason.
    I also tried the other way, uninstalling man-pages but I still get that error and now the man command doesn't work

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