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    Thumbs down Unknown Group in linux


    I created one group with
    groupadd mysql5

    Now when i add user for this perticular group
    (useradd -g mysql5 -d /var/mysql5/ mysql5)

    -- it returns an error : Unknown group mysql5.

    Kindly acknowledge.

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    helllo dude,

    u create the group but u need to give the "gid" for that particular group.

    u can do this by GUI simply
    login as "root"
    run command /usr/sbin/system-config-users.
    this command will open the window for the user and group configuration.
    then check your "gid" for group u created.
    if there is no "gid" might be some problem for identify the gruop.

    then give the id to your group.
    then add user in to this group.
    it's nice tool to handle the user/group.

    linux is rocking

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    Thanks for reply.

    But In my case Group id is created automatically.
    when i see the shadow file Group id is already there.

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    use that gid (say 512) to add the user
    useradd -g 512 <user> -d <home-dir>

    Note: 512 is an example use the gid that has been assigned to mysql.

    "There is no sixth rule"
    --Rob Pike
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    Post Unknown group in linux

    Hi ,

    Thanks !!! as i have given the command i.e useradd -g <group> <user> -d <home-dir> and it works .so my intial works is complete...for installation of the mysql but now if suppose i want install any group ie groupadd abc and then suppose i want to del the groupdel abc then it gives the error like unknow group abc ...that seems to for that what could be the reason...i have tried grpconv and grpunconv..and grpck command but its not working what could be the reason....



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    You cannot delete a group if it is some user's primary group. You have to delete the group first in order to do this. If you don't want to delete the user you must assign him another primary group (using usermod command) and then you might delete the group.

    Hope this clarifies the issue.
    "There is no sixth rule"
    --Rob Pike
    Registered Linux User: 400426 home page

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