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    newbie installing applications- question on RH9

    OS: RH 9

    FILE TYPE TO INSTALL: amsn-0.90-1.i386.rpm

    I have bee trying to install the Amsn messenger on RH9, but after downloading it , clicking on it, giving the root passw, a window pops up with the following inf:

    "Could Not Open Package
    The file "/home/user/System" could not be read. Make sure that you have the proper permissions on it "

    Then I tried,

    [root@dynamic- amsn-0.90-1]# rpm -ivh amsn -0.90-1.i386.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies:
    /usr/bin/wish is needed by amsn-0.90-1

    Then I downoaded - apt-get, and I guess I installed it but I'm not sure.

    It's so confusing , I can't figure it out yet.

    Can you tell me how to install an application step by step and run it.

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    i believe amsn requires tcl/tk scripting to function... and that is what ur failed dependency for wish is.. try installing the appropriate and for eg.) download that package ( It might have its dependencies too...)

    then try the rpm - ivh to install amsn

    if this seems a pain.. try gaim for GNOME or kopete for KDE.. they are multi protocol messengers and quite easy to install
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    Thanks 4 your answr DON

    I will let you know what's going on.

    PC caf.

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    what does that forula say

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    ah dependency hell its so sweet he eh

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    the pretty way to apt-get......

    i use apt too, and i found it a little confusing and "clunky" on the command line.

    im guessing your using a GUI cause your trying to install an msn thingy.

    you can use synaptic (available from here then look at the list on the left hand side for "synaptic" fairly down near the bottom)

    its what i use, cause im a newb, its a nice shiny GUI interface for apt, and its rather good.

    you should be able to install it by downloading the file somewhere, using su to become root, then using this command

    rpm -i synaptec-rpm-filename-goes-here

    and it will automagically appear in the "system tools" section of your GUI menu.

    im not sure about the permissions problem, but whever ive used synaptic (you have to be root to use it and install stuff), it seems to fix the permissions so i can use anything its installed.

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