I am new to Linux and Bluetooth
How to install BlueZ ?
If I include there headers it should work
#include <bluetooth/bluetooth.h>
#include <bluetooth/hci.h>
#include <bluetooth/hci_lib.h>

i am using O.S
Fedora core 3 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3
Fedora core 3 2.6.9-1.667

I tried in this way but did not succeed

yum search bluez
yum -y install bluez-bluefw bluez-sdp bluez-hcidump bluez-pin bluez-utils bluez-pan
by refering to this link
Pyro, Python Robotics: Using...emisson_20Robot

after installation
hcid.conf pin rfcomm.conf

and then i downloaded
used this command
rpm -Uvh bluez-libs-2.10-2.src(2).rpm

so what i have to do to make Bluetooth code to work in Fedora core 3