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    uninstall fedora from my dual booting laptop


    I have a dual booting laptop for Windows/Linux. I have three main partitions in my hard drive. I want to uninstall linux and format the Linux Ext2 partition to continue with XP only. Could you assist me on how to do it, because I do not want to have booting problems. The list of partitions on my computer are as follows:

    60 GB NTFS (30 GB Extended)
    15 GB FAT32
    12 GB Linux Ext2
    2 GB Linux Swap
    4 GB CP/M, Concurrent DOS, CTOS <-- I don't know what this is, might be related to Dell's recovery utility.

    Just for your information, I have partition magic 8.0. I have XP reinstallation CD, but I cannot my Fedora Core 4 installation disc.

    I'll be glad if you can help me on the matter...

    Best Regards,


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    Remove GRUB from the MBR with a Windows emergency boot disk, and run:

    fdisk /mbr

    Boot with the Windows installation CD and from the recovery console type:

    Doing either one should rewrite the MBR allowing you to reboot directly into Windows.

    To remove Linux from the drive, you can simply delete the partitions. The Gparted LiveCD is a good tool for deleting partitions:

    GParted -- LiveCD

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I followed your instructions and tried fixmbr. But then it gives the following warning:

    *** CAUTION **

    This computer appears to have a non-standard or invalid master boot record.

    (my computer boots from linux that must be the reason for that message)

    It continues:

    FIXMBR may damage your partition tables if you proceed. This could cause all the partitions on the current hard disk to become accessible. If you are not having problems accessing your hard drive, do not continue.

    Well, I do not want to be in that situation and loose my access just to get rid of linux. Are there any precaution that I should take? Or, is it OK to continue with the procedure?

    Best Regards,


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    Hello kempleton,

    Quote Originally Posted by kempleton

    Are there any precaution that I should take? Or, is it OK to continue with the procedure?
    If GRUB is now in the master boot record (you never actually said so in your posts), then it is okay to proceed. That scary warning is there to remind you that writing to the master boot record can damage things there (like the partition table). But you ran the same risk when you installed GRUB there (you just didn't get a scary warning that time).

    If you remove the Linux partitions, GRUB will stop working. So you must gather your courage and run fixmbr to restore the boot code in the master boot record if you want to boot XP again after the Linux partitions are deleted.

    Regarding precautions if you remain nervous, you can backup your master boot record before you run the fixmbr command. You can use the Linux dd command or one of the many free utilities for that purpose. However, if you run fixmbr from within the Windows XP Recovery Console available with your XP installation CD, the risk of a bad event is low. I have done this many times without an adverse incident.

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