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    Fedora Core 2 moving the drive to other computers...X11

    When I move the FC2 drive to other computers with a different video chipset than I installed FC2, X-Windows does not start.

    Originally I installed the FC2 to a Mach64 video chipset. When I put this FC2 drive into another computer that does not have the Mach64 video chipset, X-windows does not work.

    How can I manually configure FC2 to support another video chipset?
    Do I have to add an .RPM X-11 package for that specific video card?

    Is it one RPM, or is there more than one package?

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    It should just be a matter of editing /etc/X11/XF86Config. It would help if you could post some error messages. Also, what is the video card of the new system?

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    ASM says..

    It should just be a matter of editing /etc/X11/XF86Config.

    I havent even found the XF86Config on a Fedora Core 2 system.

    So no matter what video card I have..I can get X11 on Fedora Core 2(xorg) to work just by editing this file? Plausible I assume...

    Thats just it...the video card can be anything..This time it might be another Mach64..maybe next time an Nvidia...I need to know how to configure X11R7 for all video instances.

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    you will have to change the config file for every different card cause they all use different drivers and wont work using the same one on them all so you will have to find the XF86Config file and edit everytime there is a different video card in the computer. to find the file do a locate XF86Config it should find it for you or else jst do a locate xf86 and it should find it too good luck
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