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    Help required for accessing SFS filesystem

    I have Windows Xp installed on my desktop and I have two hard disks- 1. 80 GB which has the XP installed on it and 2. 250 GB which has movies etc. Both are Master disks in XP. Now when I installed fedora 8 on a partition in 1st hard disk (80 GB), it mounts the windows partitions on that hard disk automatically but doesn't even detect the other one. During installation it had labelled it as SFS file system. Someone suggested me to make the 2nd hard disk as a slave disk in XP but then I will lose 250 GB of data.
    Is there any way to access my second hard disk without losing any data and what the hell is this SFS anyway ??

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    SFS filesystem is not so often used in Linux operating system. Maybe there is SFS driver for WXP but i don't think so. To read this filesystem you need Linux distribution which have SFS support. Smart File System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I really have no idea why Fedora detected other disk as SFS. In what format was that 250 disk? NTFS?

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    The *partition* type is SFS, NOT the filesystem.

    SFS partition = Dynamic Disk in Windows

    The filesystem is likely NTFS. Many kernels have *some* support for Windows' dynamic disks.

    You can check for LDM support by grep'ing your config file under /boot:

    system:/boot # grep -i ldm config-
    If your kernel has LDM support configured, you may be able to mount the partition manually, as noted at the end of this thread.

    Since the filesystem is likely NTFS, you'll need NTFS support. I don't know what's available by default in Fedora 8.

    Edit: And for NTFS support, there's read-only, read-write, and *reliable* read-write. For reliable read-write, I suggest the ntfs-3g driver. And again, not sure what's available in Fedora 8 by default. I *would* suggest getting the data mounted and copied so you can then wipe the 250GB drive and format as a more native Linux filesystem. But that depends on how serious you are about using Linux.

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    Fedora has NTFS support as default from F7 AFAIK
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