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    Internal Modem not working

    Hello friends,

    My 56kbps D-Link internal modem is not working under FC4. Under Windows it is working properly. Port is COM 3 (/dev/tty2), but it is not working. In fact out of frustration I tried all the available ports in the kppp setup.

    The installation CD doesn't have drivers (it's plug and play under Windows).

    By the way, I have my old External D-Link serial modem - and that too is NOT working

    By the way, Windows detect it as "SoftV92 Data Fax Modem".

    Kindly help!!!

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    you're sort of right in what you're doing. The main problem is that your computer doesn't have a 'real' com3 port. The one you use in Windows is produced by the software driver of your internal modem (aka PCI modem, aka Winmodem).

    What you need is a Linux driver for this internal modem. Try searching under Linmodems (ie. Linux versions of Winmodems). Have a look at and see if your modem's chipset is supported (not all are).

    Once you have the driver loaded you will find that it gives you a /dev/tty????? device (where the ????? are letters and numbers defined by the driver . An example being /dev/ttyLT0 that is used with Lucent chipped modem drivers). This is what you put into the config of wvdial or the internet wizzard or kppp (depending on what you are using). You may find that a symbolic link is created called /dev/modem that points at the correct /dev/tty????? , if so, you can use that instaed in the config.

    As to your external modem not working. This is rather alarming. Which serial port is it plugged into? As you already seem to understand, the /dev/ttySn number is one less than the Windows Com port number (eg /dev/ttyS0 equates to Windows Com1).

    hope this helps

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