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    Exclamation Partitioning hard drive error in Fedora Core 5 setup

    so call me what you will but i have never partitioned my hard drive before, never needed to.
    but now that i do it seems that i can't...
    alright basically here is what happens:
    i go through the yadee yadda of media check (which is clean), language selection, keyboard selection, and get to disk partitioning.
    here lies the problem.
    i have tried all off the options for automatically partitioning (except overwrite entire hard drive which is unacceptable)
    and anaconda keeps spitting this error message at me.
    <--begin error message-->
    Could not allocate requested partitions
    partitioning failed:
    Could not allocate partition as primary partitions
    <--/error message-->

    you click ok then it says

    YOu have not defined a root partition (/) which is required for installation of Fedora Core to continue

    so whats going on with the partition screw up?
    and is the second message a resault of the failure to partition correctly, or a seperate issue? i assume that it is part of the first error message.
    any and all feedback/help is really appreciate as this is my first time partitioning so i basically have very scant knowledge on this subject and this is also my first endeavor into fedora.

    hard drive has 23 free gigs on it...
    and the rest of my hardware is in order....

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    You didn't mention whether this is an empty drive, or
    one that already has stuff on it.

    If it is an empty drive, you just tell it to create a primary
    partition of thus and such size, and tell it that this is the
    root partition. also create a swap partition.

    If the drive already has something on it (usually a windows
    installation), you will first need to create empty space
    on the drive by deleting or resizing the existing partition(s).

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    oops, ya it has stuff on it.
    windows is on it and some of my misc files.
    but that is onl 17 gigs on my 40 gige hard drive
    so i have about 23 gigs free...
    i don't think that it is free space thats the problem

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    can you up you posts here?
    or is that a faux pas?

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    I presume you have a single partition of 40G. Well just free disk space on the partition cannot be grabbed by linux. You need to have that space unallocated. Use something like Partition Magic to shrink your partition to whatever size you want say 20G. Now you will have 20G which is unallocated.
    In the installation select the option which says something like "Use free space on hard disk".

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    but partition magic is only a trial for free, you can't use the trial/demo to do anything, and i am kinda hesitent to shell ou tfor a 60$ software program i am going to use once, meybe twice...

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    I am not sure what features the trial version will allow you to use. There are a number of FOSS partitioning utilities like

    Parted -
    Partition Resizer -

    But I haven't used any of them and don't know how good or safe they are. So don't shoot the messenger

    If you do decide to try any of them please post a feedback here.

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    Wink Try BootIt......

    Try BootIt Next Generation (
    i done this several times and used the free download version only.

    <== { devil's casper } ==>
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