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    Cant Play DVD Video's

    Hi all
    I need help please.

    I've installed Fedora Core 5 in my PlayStation 3.
    its my first time using Linux OS, so far so good, the PS3 is working fine with fedora, i'm learnig by my own a few things, but today i've tried to play a DVd movie and i get this message.
    you dont Have enought privileges to play this DVd or something like that.
    1 - Where and how i can give the privileges?
    2 - Do i have to do that everytime i want to play something?

    Thanks for you support.

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    Hi hamster,

    Can you connect to the web with linux on your ps3? I'm not too sure how that works, but i know that in order to play dvds you have to first install something called libdvdcss2. If your on-line, open a konsole ("alt + F2" --> type "gnome-terminal" .. i hope you have a keyboard too)

    wget -c
    sudo rpm -i libdvdcss2-1.2.9-1.i386.rpm
    The first line downloads a .rpm file from (.rpm files are packages and are basically your setup.exe's for redhat). The second like tells fedora to install the package. "sudo" just says to execute the command w/ admin privilages (will require you to type in password).

    (commands are from fedora guide at

    hope this helps!

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