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  1. Ok!!

    OK, it works properly, at least it seems so!
    For this forum's friends, a brief summary.
    Do not use external-locking, only a server writes.
    Binlog file is in the shared storage, too.
    In case of...
  2. InnoDB help

    I think so, but better safe than sorry, this is the reason I asked for. As a matter of fact I have not found documentation about setting up a failover solution with Red Hat Cluster Suite and InnoDB...
  3. MySQL InnoDB Failover and Red Hat Cluster Suite

    Hello everybody,
    I am going to setup a failover solution, that is 2 db
    server (InnoDB as storage engine)with the second
    starting when the first crashes, using Red Hat Cluster
    Suite and a SAN to...
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