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  1. failed to boot from floppy

    it says:
    loading vmlinuz.....
    failed to boot.

  2. boot floppy not working

    I tried to boot from floppy with the redhat linux installer cd in the cdrom, it still fails to boot. what's wrong??
  3. I thought you can not install linux boot loader...

    I thought you can not install linux boot loader in the MBR when the other system is win NT? So the only place I can install it is on the /boot partition. can you clarify a bit more?
    thank you!! :D
  4. dual boot of windows 2000 and linux

    thanks that might be it. I did not have the cd in the cdrom.
    The other thing is: do I have to use the windows boot loader to load lilo or grub? If I install lilo or grub on the boot partition, it...
  5. unable to boot from floppy disk redhat linux 9

    hi folks,
    I recently attempted to create a dual boot of windows 2000 and redhat linux 9. Forget about the dual boot part for a minute, I created a boot floppy diskette from the installation of...
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