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  1. Just how much do VMs of proprietary software resemble the real thing?

    If you're running a VM of open source software, then presumably the VM is exactly what it would be if it were running as a normal installation. It's exactly the same source code running in a shelled...
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    Dual boot or virtual machine?

    I just bought my mom a cheap-but-serviceable laptop (she's a very light user) and am going to put Xubuntu on it for her. Her old Windows 7 machine had been choked into near-immobility by malware,...
  3. lawl. Can you imagine someone saying, "Back in 07...

    lawl. Can you imagine someone saying, "Back in 07 and 08 they were talking about there being malware targeted at Windows..."?


    I'll check it out. Thanks.
  4. Good point about the potential for being a vector...

    Good point about the potential for being a vector yourself.

    No practical reason, really. I just find VB intriguing and want to explore it from every angle.
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    VM making computer overheat

    Installed Virtualbox earlier today and have been playing around with it. Just now I noticed that my laptop was getting REALLY warm, so I switched from the VM to the host (Xubuntu) and loaded psensor...
  6. WOW. That's fascinating. However, all of the...

    WOW. That's fascinating.

    However, all of the posters seem to be taking it for granted that we're talking about a Windows VM on a Windows host. In that scenario, yes, I think it's probably...
  7. should I worry about viruses if I surf the net in a Windows VM?

    I just got VirtualBox working and I'm thrilled with it. Going to start playing around with many different OSs. I just got Precise Puppy working in VirtualBox and was almost shocked to find I was able...
  8. [SOLVED] Bang, baby. That was it. Thanks.

    Bang, baby. That was it. Thanks.
  9. [SOLVED] Why do I not have the option to create a LibreOffice Writer doc?

    I have File Manager open and can't seem to create a new ODT document there. When I right-click in File Manager and click "create document," the only option is a Mousepad document. I've got "no...
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    What Got You Into Linux?

    I got into Linux because I was trying to *avoid* learning how to work with computers. In 2011, Windows had a major problem I didn't want to deal with. Couldn't access the Internet at all, and...
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    Trouble loading Puppy Linux

    I have a live image (iso) of Precise Puppy 5.7.1 on a DVD. When I put it in either of two laptops and attempt to boot from the disc, here's what I get:

    Just wait 5 seconds for normal startup!...
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    something I'd like to ask Richard Stallman

    Richard Stallman wants everyone to know that when he says "free software," he means free as in it liberates you, not free as in you don't have to pay for it. Free software, by his definition, can be...
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    [SOLVED] Xubuntu--at least the version of it that I'm...

    Xubuntu--at least the version of it that I'm running--allows you to enter info for a network whether or not the hardware to connect you to it is working. You click on the network icon (up and down...
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    [SOLVED] OH MY GOD! What I did in my OP all but fixed the...

    OH MY GOD! What I did in my OP all but fixed the problem. When I booted up the laptop today, all the wifi networks in the area were visible. Looks like all I had to do to make the firmware update...
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    [SOLVED] I've done everything I know to do. Stumped.

    I just installed Xubuntu 16.04.1 on my Dell Latitude D620 and am having trouble getting Xubuntu to detect the wireless card. First thing I did was click on the network link in the top right corner of...
  16. Utility for quickly collecting and transferring all files from HD?

    I've got an ancient laptop which is long overdue to have all its files copied and saved to another drive so it can be dropped in the trash, or possibly be used for Linux experiments. It's running...
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