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    That works, but do you know of a more permanent...

    That works, but do you know of a more permanent fix so I don't have to do that every time?
  2. Patching existing Unreal Tournament Installation

    There is a patch to make Unreal Tournament run in Linux, but it has to be done at install time. Is there any way to patch a current (Windows)installation to run in Linux?
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    WineX Problems

    I have recently installed WineX on Mandrake 9.1. I have installed by RPM and by compiling from source. When I run wine I get the following error,

    wine: lstat...
  4. Installingmandrake ISOs from hard disks

    When installing Mandrake ISO from a hard disk how does it handle disk switching? When I tried it, the installer just said that there was a problem installing the programs from another ISO. How can I...
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    Linux not detecting PCI

    oops replies all off topic
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    Net install with several distros

    I have tried to do a net install of debian, suse and Mandrake, but when I get boot them and enter the network boot parameters, it just goes toa black screen a stays there doing nothing, what could be...
  7. No I don't have the same one. I'm not sure...

    No I don't have the same one. I'm not sure exactly who manufactures it, but it says it's a M810D series. I have and Athlon XP 1700+, so it's probably not all tht close. I expected sound problems...
  8. According to the Windows device manager... The...

    According to the Windows device manager...

    The nic is SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter, and the sound is a C-Media AC97 Audio device.
  9. Hardware troubles in several distribution

    I have installed Red Hat 8.0, Slackware 8.1, and a recent Lycoris release. My integrated network adapter didn't work with any of them. Niether did my integrated sound. I don't think all the fault...
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