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  1. Requesting advice on method to fix Mageia's printer issues.

    Hi , I'm somewhat dependent on Megiea because of it's ease of use but after a while the printer will not duplex any more and sometimes it will not print what other Linux versions do not have a...
  2. Dah?Choose correct directory for mirror repository.

    I'm working with suse at the moment. This is right isn't it?

    Index of /opensuse/distribution/13.1/repo/oss/suse/i586
  3. So I really need to know what files are involved...

    So I really need to know what files are involved with bash and the command urpmi.recover.

    The biggest problem that linux suffers from in my opinion is the Distros own core updates making the...
  4. Urmpi states that it is installed but urpme...

    Urmpi states that it is installed but urpme states that it is not installed, urmpi being the installer and urpme being the remover. I'm thinking that a path for the actual code is not correct and...
  5. stubborn bash command installed from outdated rpm file

    I have magiea 4 booted up and I wanted rollback capability so I tried to install 'urpmi.recover' for a mandriva distro from 2009. The command is recognized while trying to open it in bash but when...
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    burn a boot up disk

    If your not using the Btrfs file system Grub legacy should work otherwise you will have to use grub2 or SuperGrub2 boot up disk. If you have one windows install and one linux the Distro boot...
  7. Manually multi update mirrors to mandrake forks etcetera

    Hi,I have a few questions that the answers would help me a great deal
    -How do I add multiple repositories using a terminal to a mandrake fork so If one fails it can choose another?
    -Can I add a...
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    Thanks for the reply! So does vi save different...

    Thanks for the reply! So does vi save different environmental variables for different sessions or what is the purpose?
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    Session in context with Vi

    Would someone be so kind to enlighten me as to what a "session" means when using VI?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm using an old version of Mandriva and...

    I'm using an old version of Mandriva and sometimes the panel crashes and Alt>f2 will not open so all I can do is try to do something in the console.
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    restart gnome-session in console

    Why is it that this command does not work from the console? When I attempt it ,the bash message reads " Can not open display".

  12. This has happened on all of my distros (12?),XP...

    This has happened on all of my distros (12?),XP with all of my browsers so I'm thinking this issue is here to stay. I use Mageia 1 the most. I'm interested in knowing how the application that the...
  13. What specifically causes a mouse/desktop to freeze?

    I'm interested in the exact process of when an application (browser) makes the mouse freeze or crashes the desktop environment.

    Thanks in...
  14. I just discovered that...

    The Icons that Gnome 2 puts on the desktop does indeed include one that is labeled 'New Volume' that is infact the the other mandrake fork install partition and it does allow a non root user to open...
  15. Thanks for the Reply!

    Actually Mageia will not open the home directory of Mandriva because the file manager states that it is owned by root by Megia's file manager. Mandriva/Mageia don't seem to want to open the others...
  16. Thanks for the reply!


    # Entry for /dev/sdb6 :
    UUID=4b096960-1e50-40f3-85d0-ae3a3841df62 / ext3 acl,relatime 1 1
    /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom auto umask=0,users,iocharset=utf8,noauto,ro,exec 0 0
    # Entry for...
  17. Auto-mount , I presume works for root user only.

    On Mageia 1 if I open the file manager to view a different partition of Mandriva in this case ,the home directory is owned by root (according to the file permissions) so I can't easily view my...
  18. Fedora's Fuse does it for Me!

    With Fedora ,CentOS ,Scienticic and Mandrake forks Mageia/Mandrive it is easy to mount and view all drives. Linux is easier that MS after you get used to it.;)
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    Session Manager GUI Gnome 2.32.1

    I have Gnome 2.32.1 installed but there is not a menu anywhere to shut the computer down after a set amout of time.

    How do I install the GUI for this? What is it called?

  20. Rpm Data Base in Home Directory / Using Yum with this Private Data ..

    There are a couple web pages on "Private Home Directory Rpm Data Bases" but I would like more info on it along with whether Yum could be used on this independent Data Base.
    Any Search Terms or...
  21. Thanks for the Reply!

    Thanks for the Reply Rubberman! I did not get any sort of responses on how to fix this O.S in maybe a week so I Installed over it. The only response I got early on this O.S ;CentOS6, was maybe the...
  22. Fill in Layers of OSI Network Model with Linux.

    I'm trying to fill in the OSI Network Model with linux Applications/Daemons etcetera. I could put Telnet in the Application section but what fills the requirements of the other Layers? What...
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    This is CentOS 6

    CentOS updates made networking ,along with any GUI inoperable and other wise not repairable. I could not find a pragmatic approach to this so I ran X -configure. I tried to add a attachment before...
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    X -configure returns all errors

    What is involved in X -configure? Why can't it load any modules or drivers on this system?
  25. Thanks for the Help!

    I have had minor problems with other Distros but nothing like this. I'm leaning more towards Mandriva and Mageia but I'll give Scientific a shot.

    I tried just to remove x without the dependencies...
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